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How to make an interesting photograph

One of the subjects that often comes up on photography courses is question of how to take an interesting photograph. We’ve all seen this – other people’s wedding or holiday pictures just don’t capture the scene or the atmosphere. What is it about cameras but so singularly fails to capture our emotional impression of the scene?

Firstly, the camera sees very differently to us. It’s not our fault that cameras see differently, we just have to bear in mind when we take photographs.

secondly, you’re trying to interest the viewer in something they’ve never seen, or some location they’ve never been to, or some person they will never meet – you have to make it interesting and dramatic. You need to sell it to them. They’ve got lots of other things to do besides looking your photograph! There are several ways to do this – interesting camera angles, slightly non-human lenses can combine to result in a picture that shows a familiar scene in a slightly unfamiliar way.


seagulls on the river at Henley

So here’s a picture from Saturday’s photography course in Henley-on-Thames. This shows the Henley church and river from a slightly more interesting angle than usual. The composition is quite standard, with the bird in a rough thirdsy location, but nonetheless it pulls in what is unique, different and interesting about Henley, and after all isn’t that what we want from an interesting photograph?


We recently had a German lady on a course whose father had been a professional photographer perhaps 70 years ago in Germany.  He said that all photographs need to be taken from low down. We’re not sure about that, but we are sure that the camera position needs to be thought about every time. Taking shots from your eye level is going to give the most boring view possible, and everyone able to like our shots, we need to plan and construct an interesting photograph.

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