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Photographing water droplets

This is easier than people think but there are a couple of pointers:

Firstly – it may be tricky to focus on such a weird ephemeral thing as droplets in flight. Try focusing on something else that is the same distance away, then half-pressing to fix the focus or setting your camera to manual focus once you’ve set the focus distance. In these pictures we focused on the spout that the water was coming out of, and then moved the view up.

Secondly, you’ll need a fast shutter speed – this can be achieved directly in S or Tv, or by finding the smallest number/largest aperture in A or Av. You can speed it up even more by increasing your ISO to increase the sensitivity of the camera. These pics were taken at 1/4000th (the fastest the D90 would do), and 800 or 1600 ISO, on a photography course at Portmeirion.

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