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Taking atmospheric pictures at Arnos Vale Cemetery

We’ve started to take groups to Arnos Vale, an amazing Victorian Cemetery on the outskirts of Bristol.  There are tombs of all shapes and sizes, and a great atmosphere for photography, particularly of the gothic black and white variety.  We worked on composition as well as the technical side of things, even using a bit of flash both on and off-camera.

Sue came along as part of a small group, and sent us some pictures – she did some tweaking in Lightroom, but with great subtlety.  Lightroom has the ability to tweak individual colours as part of the black and white mix, so for example you can make the blue sky more black or more white – it makes a huge difference to the usual grayscale pictures that picasa or your camera produces.





We always suggest taking all your pictures in colour and converting them on your computer afterwards – the monochrome that most cameras produce is very flat and grey. Use it to see whether a picture is going to look good in black and white, but then take it in colour to give you the extra data you need to make better monochrome pictures.

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