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The Problem with Panoramas (Part Two)

When you turn a camera through 180 degrees or so while taking pictures, the lighting conditions are going to change. When a camera takes a big picture or a series of pictures it uses the settings from the first exposure and uses them throughout the panorama.


Sometimes, that’s fine as the exposure is similar throughout.

But sometimes it’s not – here’s inside the cafe on the top of Snowdon:


So the cafe is exposed properly, but the windows aren’t. Turn the camera upside down and move in reverse and it’s just as bad:


Now the view is ok, but the cafe is in darkness.

The way to sort pictures like this out is to arrange the beginning of the panorama to have roughly the exposure of the centre. It’s not easy, but it can be done. Failing that, take your panorama as a wider view and crop out the bit you want. It’s a bit of a bodge, but it can be arranged. ┬áRemember, the camera, no matter how well designed, has no idea what you want!




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