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Wide angle action photography tips

Most action shots use telephotos, taken from the sidelines, but this gives a distanced feel to the picture, uninvolved in the action.  Using a wide angle gets you right in there, so here’s our wide angle action photography tips.

These pictures are from the 2013 Cockapoo Games, where small and friendly dogs raced each other down a small track, and there was  nowhere to use a long lens, apart from the obvious straight-down-the-lane shot.  I managed to get under the fencing with a wideangle, with the competitor hounds only a foot or two away.

dog photography tips

Getting in closer I found these are very fast animals, and only crossed the field of view very rapidly, so I pre-focused on the point where I thought they were going to be, and set the camera to manual focus so it wouldn’t re-focus at the wrong moment.

First picture I almost got it right, but you can see the dog is slightly in front of the focus:

wideangle action shot tips

Like all action/wildlife pictures there’s a bit of randomness in the whole process, so I tried again:

dog photography tips

Nikon D100, Tamron 10-24mm 35mm equiv, 1/3200 f3.5 400ISO

Better this time, lower angle helps too. Another trick is to up the ISO to allow a deeper depth of field while keeping the shutter speed up, but that’s another story!

All this running around wore us out:

Yum Yum resting!

Yum Yum resting!

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