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What’s the best way to learn photography?

Photography is a skill that is part technical and part creative.  Learning to see shots and then capture them takes different abilities, which can all be improved with a little tuition.  As teachers and educators as well as photographers we know the best way to learn photography.


Are you the kind of person who knows what you want to photograph but can’t make the camera do it?

You may find that the automatic settings are fine for tourist snaps, but the more interesting and creative your picture needs to be the less well they work.  The colours are too strong, the focus is not at the front, the brightness is non-standard so the camera can’t do it .  Our DSLR course will get you off the automatic settings and using the proper camera modes and flash as appropriate.  We usually have small groups of about 6 or 8 and many people find it very helpful to see other people with similar cameras having the same issues that they are.  We can also run this course as a one to one course for people who would rather work alone – in this case we can usually cover the material in half a day.


Are you the kind of person who knows how to make their camera do things, but can’t find the pictures to take?

Many people struggle to see the picture – to take something interesting even in an interesting location. You may feel stuck in a bit of a rut – you always take the same sort of pictures.  Our creative course is designed (by Rachel, former professional musician, illustrator, art teacher and all round creative) to push your envelope a bit creatively.  It can be run as a one to one course too – but it is always interesting to see other people’s work when we run this as a group course.  People have even taken this more than once – it can give you a bit of a kick.

Assuming you don’t want to come to a course, how can you get out of your rut?  We have a few ideas:

  • limit yourself to your least favourite lens
  • give yourself some sort of theme – make things look spooky, or fast, or modern
  • get out without your camera – look for shots, then come back with a camera and try to capture what it was that you saw
  • tell the story and look for what is different between your subject and other similar ones – what’s the difference between that tree and another, or that child and another, or that child and the same child last month?

Modern cameras have so many choices, and post-production even more, and it can help creatively to limit yourself, even if you expand the idea later.


Are you the kind of person that has just needs a few specific tips?  

Our photography mentoring system works well for you because it is specific and individual to your photography and your camera.  We give you a theme and critique your pictures on both technical, compositional and post-production aspects to help you take the picture you want.  As an individual service, it works well for people with specific areas they want to work on.


We’re all different and we learn in different ways, and the trick is to see what you need to improve, and then work on that aspect of your photography.  We think it’s a little like cookery – we can all make a few dishes, but you need Jamie Oliver to suggest that you put a little vanilla in with the fish!  It’s the best way to learn photography and any skill that requires both technical and creative abilities.


Testimonials for all our teaching can be found here, if you like that sort of thing!








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