Rachel’s mentoring photography tips

Here’s a few photography tips to help you, whether you’re being mentored or not! We all need some photography tips sometimes.

1.  Don’t be afraid to fill your frame with whatever it is that has pulled you in. As Robert Capa said, “if it’s not good enough, you’re not close enough.”

2.  Be super vigilant for distractions – bits of tree, twigs, grass – stuff which will pull the viewer’s eye away from the what you want them to look at.  Remember, you’ll never get them back once they’ve been distracted – you can’t un-see a lamppost growing out of someone’s head once you’ve seen it!

3.  Don’t set yourself up for failure by thinking you need a whole day to take photos.  You don’t – just limit yourself to half an hour or an hour and go out (or stay in) with a purpose or job in mind. Be really clear about your intention.

4.  Be on your own – this is perhaps the most crucial point.  You need to be with yourself.  You will never take your best shots when you’re walking the dog, and no matter how patient your partner is, you’ll always have a little guilt in your mind if they are waiting for you to finish.

5.  Be fully present - when you are in the zone (ie looking through the viewfinder and connected to your subject) you are fully present in the moment.  You can’t think about a bill that you should have paid yesterday or what you’re having for dinner. If you can connect like this it will transform your photography – take it seriously if you want good pictures!

6.  Don’t take extra insurance shots – the first shot is usually the one with inspiration.  Have faith and take just the one!

Don’t forget, the photography mentoring service is usually free for the first month. One of our photography tips would be to sign up and see how it goes!