Photography Course reviews and testimonials

We put all the reviews, feedback and comments we receive on here, good and bad.  You’ll have to look hard for the bad ones, though.

We’ve personally taught over 5000 people (as of January 2015).

  • “Thank you so much for an absolutely brilliant day. We all learnt a tremendous amount and had great fun exploring our hidden creativity. I felt you’d given me a huge piece of the jigsaw puzzle of ‘how to improve my photos’ and reminded me about focusing on what I want my photos to say. I know I found it hard to move that ISO with prior warnings of ‘keep to 100 or 200 at most’ ringing in my ears, but seeing the vibrant reds and sharp focus obtained by increasing it, I’d be a fool not to do it. Consider me a moveable ISO convert!
    I’ve just spent the evening with Helen and Roderick mulling over the techniques you taught us. Helen says she’s going to be super critical of photos from now on and is already using the phrase ‘what would Phil say about …’! I can see we’ll have to watch out. Oh, and a big thank you for making sure I was included in the review at the end. It was very kind of you as I know we’d run over time.
    Without doubt, this was definitely the best workshop I’ve attended and I’m looking forward to putting my new knowledge into practice.”

    Sarah, 2015

  • “Really enjoyed the course. Pass on my thanks to Iain.”
    Ken, Culzean Castle 2015
  • “Just a quick email to say thank you for introducing me to Emily. I had a wonderful few hours with her and learned a tremendous amount. She is an excellent teacher and has a great way of helping you understand how everything works!! And I got some good shots too!”
    Trish, Durham 2015
  • “Just a short note to thank you for all your help & guidance on Saturday. Plenty of food for thought. I have a few points to sort out & then I’ll be in touch again. Phil, it was well worth the wait!”
    Simon, Culzean Castle 2015
  • “Really enjoyed the course. Pass on my thanks to Iain”
    Ken, Culzean Castle 2015
  • “I’ve made myself a right bore with going on and on about the day…but it’s been really inspiring. My camera has not been back in its case since…I just keep trying different things and seeing what affect it has on the results. Can’t wait for my next live assignment to try and add some value.
    Thanks again for your input Phil”
    Chris, Camera Cafe 2015
  • “Thank you so much for a brilliant day and how much I enjoyed it – I have learnt absolutely masses! Thank you so much”.
    Sarah, Stourhead 2015
  • “We both thoroughly enjoyed Saturday’s lesson – we felt we learnt some really good and helpful tips and it was great fun too.”
    Justine and Emma, Mobile Phone Photography, London 2015
  • “I really enjoyed the course and learnt so much so thank you. It was a good group too.”
    Esme, Bristol 2014
  • ” thank you for such a great day at Crystal Palace. The whole day was very informative and gave me the precise knowledge I needed to build on with my new camera. Before Sunday I was on “Auto” now I am on “A,P & M.” Quite an achievement for a guy of my age! Now need to practice – loads. I particularly liked the way you gave us equal personal attention
    making it feel “one to one.” It is now up to me to continue the good work. If I have any very good shots I will send them to you, not to be judged, but to let you know the value I have gained from your tuition. In the meantime, as requested herewith are three of my best shots on the day. Composition is not great but it does show the importance of the knowledge you imparted to me. I go, with confidence to a Camera Club meeting this evening. Once again, many thanks and good luck.
    Don, Crystal Palace 2014
  • “Thanks for the very interesting course at Dunham Massey. I now know what my camera can do and feel inspired to find out how it does it and to make it happen. The start of a learning curve. Thanks again.”
    Melanie, Dunham Massey 2014
  • “That was a great day yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot. Now I just have to remember it all and put it into practice. I’ve downloaded the Powerpoint presentation so that will hopefuly help me remember. I went to my grandaughter’s birthday party today and all my photos were taken on the Av setting!”
    Barry, Henley on Thames 2014
  • “I just wanted to say a big thank you for the course yesterday. I really enjoyed the day and found it very helpful with several “light bulb moments” throughout the day. Brilliant course. I’m really looking forward to trying out more of the things we learned.
    Wyc, Bristol 2014
  • “Thanks for the photo day yesterday, I feel that I learnt lots about my camera that had been previously unexplored – all those buttons that I didn’t understand! Very enjoyable.”
  • “Just a quick note to say thanks so much for a super day at Arnos Grove, it really was splendid.”
    Mandy, Bristol 2014
  • “Thank you for an enjoyable and informative course on Monday.”
    Jim, Sheffield Park Gardens 2014
  • “I found the day extremely interesting and informative and think that I learnt a lot.”
    David, Sheffield Park Gardens 2014
  • “We both very much enjoyed the day at Shugborough and it was worth the two hour drive from North Wales there and back!”
    Wyn and Hanna, Shugborough 2014
  • “Immediate response is that the day was great.”
    Don, Crystal Palace 2014
  • “It was a most enjoyable and interesting morning. I learnt a lot. All I have to do is retain it !”
    Mary, half a day of individual tuition, Ashton Court Bristol 2014
  • “Thanks for the notes & for yesterday – I found it very interesting & useful. I learned a great deal & I know I have a great deal to learn!”
    Barry, Stourhead 2014
  • “Many thanks for a very productive day at Henley. Very informative and enjoyable. Just what I needed. I look forward to putting all the information you gave into practice. I have two major events coming up this year both of which require a high quality permanent visual meaningful record.Very many thanks and best wishes to you.”
    Brian, Henley on Thames 2014
  • “Thank you from both Nilima and I for taking the time to teach us yesterday – we really enjoyed it and have already started recommending you to your friends!”
    Sagar, Henley on Thames 2014
  • “Thanks for all of your really useful comments which are always so helpful and at last I feel I am beginning to get my head around all of the technical stuff which I thought I would never be able to do!”
    Lorraine, Photography Mentoring Service 2014
  • “Thank you I had a really great day and really enjoyed myself. I learnt lots about my camera and feel more confident with it now still lots to learn but feel I am well on my way now. I have showed my photos off to lots of people and they really liked Charlecote park said what a lovely place it is. I really felt in the zone yesterday. I will send you some of my pics that I have done in the past. Thank you so much I really enjoyed it and found it very useful.”
    Michelle, Creative Landscape Photography course, Charlecote Park 2014
  • “Just a short note to say thanks for last Sunday, as the only bridge camera owner on the coarse, you helped me feel at ease.
    Have now started to ‘use’ my camera, and experimenting with more than just the one setting!”
    Jon, Charlecote Park 2014
  • “Thank you for a very useful day on Wednesday and for the powerpoint. I now have to put some of it into practice!!”
    Fiona, Ashton Court Bristol 2014
  • “Thank you very much for our course on Monday, we both really enjoyed it. We are now off camping for half term and will try to put it all in practice! Thanks also for all the notes and blogs we’ll definitely meditate on these. I’ll be in touch if there is any pressing question. But you were very clear, I feel I’ve understood some new things it’s great.”
    Helene and Sophie, Bristol 2014
  • “Thanks for a great day on Sunday I really enjoyed it learnt loads and hope to put it all in to practice soon.”
    Richard, Severn Valley Railway 2014
  • “Thank you for the notes and links after what was a most helpful and enjoyable day. I’ll see if I can get some snaps for the ‘wet’ theme as I found the ‘assignments’ approach really good at forcing me to think about what I was doing with my pictures and what I was hoping to achieve – thinking more creatively I guess! Certainly I’m inspired to get some practice in over the next few months and, weekends allowing, I’d hope to see you on a future course – maybe Ashton Court. Thanks again for all your help,
    Steve, Henley on Thames, 2014
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the one day course last Wednesday and I’m sure I took better pictures whilst away in Tenby the weekend. I also educated my brother in law, who has a new Nikon camera and always used it on Auto! (He’s going to contact you about doing a course and a colleague of mine is also going to book a place for his wife). Once again, thank you for a great day – I may book another course in the future when I have a new camera and more experience.”
    Deb, Ashton Court Bristol 2014
  • “Thanks for a great day out. Please pass on my t