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We thought you might be interested in submitting something to O2 Stories ? a collaborative photography based storytelling project. We’re working with O2 to find people who take inspiring photos, to invite them to participate. We?re giving you a head-start before they launch at

    http://stories.o2.co.uk tomorrow.

    Here?s how it works:

    Two stories unfold side-by-side, told through your photos and the words of our author. One is a journey in sunlight, a happy tale of a far off land, while the other is a dark and hard-boiled thriller, set in shadows. Each tale begins with a single picture (this one http://www.flickr.com/photos/lomokev/91181942/). From there, it?s up to you how the stories twist and turn over the next eleven chapters.

    To become part of the story, all you have to do is:
    1. Read the stories
    2. Take a photo that you think could tell the next part of one of the two stories
    3. Tweet your picture using twitpic, yfrog, plixi, or twitgoo with the hashtag for the story you want to tell: #o2sunlight, or #o2shadows

    Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening, our author will choose a photo that inspires them to write the next chapter for each story.

    We?ll let you know if your picture is chosen and if it is, you?ll win a printed book of the complete story.

    Below is the first chapter of each story. Let me know if you?re planning on joining in, or if you have any questions, and I?ll keep an eye on the hashtags!

    Good luck!


    Long light through the window. I stare out at the street. The lettering on the glass. Then at my reflection, and I remember: gah, no reflection! I?ve lost the thing. Careless. Crumpled paper in my hand. Pencilled address. I don?t remember where I found it, but the street has a nice name. Exotic. Makes me think of walled gardens and Mediterranean sun. That?ll do. I?ll finish my tea, and then I?ll be off. Ooh, three sugars. Why not?

    I drum my fingers on the table. Watch their shadow. Yup, still have one of those. Have to take better care of that.

    I don?t have a reflection, a plan, a past or a future. But here?s an address, and the sun is shining. And that was a lovely cup of tea. So on balance, I think I?m ahead.

    I?ll order another cup of tea, and leave it. For luck. You never know who might be along next.

    Chilly little cafe on the corner. Clouds clotting. I ask the waitress. Description matches. The Idiot was here. Too long ago. An hour, she thinks. Cold tea: they didn?t clear his table. Did they know something was wrong? She looks at the floor when I ask. They must have felt something. I ask about mirrors. She gives me that look: the one people give you when you ask about mirrors.

    She doesn?t know where he was going. He probably doesn?t know. I have a couple of guesses left. Station, or flat?

    Shadows are longer outside, now. I need to find him before sunset, or it?s going to be untidy. Idiot thinks he?s lost his reflection. It?s much worse than that. No time to waste at all.

If you take part, please let us know – we’d love to put some more material on the blog about it!

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