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exhibition hits the road!

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Phil and Rachel teach most of our photography courses, and an exhibition of their work opened last night before touring England, and we feel the need to tell everyone about it! We spent a week (pro bono) at Megan Baker House, where they use conductive education to help people who have been brain injured by cerebral palsy, head injury or Parkinson’s Disease. Megan Baker House provided this for free, and people travel there from all over the country to re-learn how to use their limbs. To find out more about their work have a look at www.meganbakerhouse.org.uk

It’s been an inspiration to see them at work, and we hope our pictures capture some of this. The exhibition will be touring to Malvern, Worcester, Hereford and Liverpool, among other UK cities.

We photographed the clients using very wide apertures to accentuate their individuality and to blur a cluttered background. It’s a working space, not a studio!

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