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Getting creative with photography at Charlecote Park

Sadly, we’re not able to show picture from National Trust venues – trust us, they were really good!!
The Creative Photography Course Made Simple at Charlecote Park was a great success yesterday! Rachel had two very keen and open-minded ladies who relished photographing all sorts of things that go unnoticed by most people. Steph and Claire really took on the concept of thinking like a photographer and getting away from ‘snapping’. The task for the day was to end up with at least one photograph that they would be happy to have blown up and put on their wall….they were amazed to have many more than one! They achieved images that they would never have thought possible! They also had to make this beautiful building look ‘spooky’…very hard on a beautiful, blue-sky day! We really got a chill from an image of Steph’s.
Throwing away the rules was the order of the day, and no more shooting on ‘automatic modes’.
Creative Photography Made Simple is one our most popular courses, and Charlecote Park is a perfect venue for this course.
  1. So glad you’re enjoying spending time here at our stunning Charlecote Park! It is so lovely to see your students out and about exploring the gardens and grounds whilst learning and developing their photography skills!

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