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Last year Rachel and Phil spend a week at Megan Baker House photographing the inspiring work that goes on there with brain injured people. A touring exhibition of the photos has been around the UK and just arrived at Worcester Cathedral, where it was officially opened by the Bishop of Worcester yesterday evening.

Here’s an article about the exhibition from the Worcester Evening News.

The shots were taken in natural light, mostly with 50mm and 85mm 1.8 lenses in order to de-clutter the scene and emphasise individuals as much as possible.

We feel very strongly that artists should give over a bit of their time and energy pro bono to worthy causes when they can, and you don’t get much more worthy than Megan Baker House. They provide, for free, the kind of conductive education that families used to have to re-mortgage their houses for. All we had to give up was a week of our time, spread over a couple of months, and all they had to do was put up with us eating their biscuits!

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