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Photography course finds the best and worst of Worcester

55-169DSC_0295DSC_0298DSC_0334wb2DSC_0295The idea of this shoot was to take pictures with a point of view, to show Worcester in it’s best and worst light. We were amazed by the quality and diversity of the pictures, as we often are! These pictures were taken by the beginners photography course in Worcester – with a blue sky and (mostly) clean streets, this time the challenge was to find unflattering bits of Worcester. These pictures are by Jenny, David, Mike and Lucy. Just to make it harder, the pictures had to be specifically Worcester (as if photographing for Worcestershire Life or Marxism Today), not just pretty or ugly subjects. This is a very mixed class by age, sex, experience and camera, but they all found good targets for their lenses and caught them well.0013

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