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With photography courses at Stourhead, Sudeley Castle and Charlecote Park, and a gala charity concert in in London last night courtesy of Gray Levett and Gillian Greenwood, Rachel and Phil are just recovering from a busy old week.

As the weather gets noticeably chillier, Rachel and Phil were really pleased to see that Stourhead and Charlecote have fully-fitted and civilised education rooms, with tea and coffee and heating! Sudeley Castle has a blazing fire!! It is hard to concentrate on the pictures when you’re shivering, but these facilities are fantastic and make the whole experience of teaching and learning much more pleaseant. It’s supposed to be fun, after all.

Last night’s charity concert at Saint Hill Manor was the most oscar-like ceremony we’ve ever attended, up at the front thanks for Gray and Gillian, who own Grays of Westminster (basically Harrods for Nikon, if you’ve not come across it). With music from Chick Corea among many others, Phil and Rachel still spent much of the evening checking out the astonishing amount of kit used by the photographers and videographers during the concert. Photographers using Nikon D3′s, with some very big lenses (70-200mm looking rather small), and a four channel remote flash system that enabled them to light various bits of of the stage or the audience at will. The main photographer was over from LA for this, on his way to photograph in Rome. And all in a marquee large enough to park several submarines in at L. Ron Hubbard’s enormous estate in Sussex.

Gillian very kindly offered to put Rach on the list to buy a D3S (available in the UK in limited numbers), but we’ll have to save up for that one. The problem with professional Nikon cameras like our venerable D2X’s is that they never seem to wear out! Rach has one of the first D2X’s in the country (now relegated to second camera duties) but still going strong after five years of hard professional use.

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