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Photography Mentoring Service pictures from March – the theme was “Anything done well is art”

We heard Damien Hirst use this line, and we thought it would make our Mentoring students think about what constitutes a work of art. So here is the selection for this month, with pictures from Santa Monica to Belfast – see if you can spot the Titanic memorial, sneakers in California, traffic in the Shetlands, graffitti, tattoos and pasta-based snacks. We like a bit of variety here at PMS Towers!

We’ve just started teaching at two new venues locally- Bristol Zoo Gardens and Arnos Vale cemetery. The courses there are intended to be a little more challenging than the normal DSLR course, but still fun! ¬†As such they are perfect who are doing mentoring, or thinking about it!

See what you make of the mentoring this month!

We love this one – 20 second exposure!

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