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Thanks to all our customers

-700Photography courses are becoming more popular, and November was Photography Made Simple’s busiest ever month, with December so far on track to beat it. As a result we’d like to thank all those people who’ve come on courses or bought gift certificates over the last few weeks.

As always we promise to be make your camera 53% less mysterious, and help your pictures to be 47% more considered and less “snappy.” In 2010 we’ll use 48% less jargon and 37% less confusing diagrams. Our jokes will be 15% funnier, and we promise to listen to people at least 23% more so that we deliver exactly what they need to improve their pictures. We will wave our arms approximately 8% less, and point into the middle distance 11% more. Guaranteed.

Jokes aside, this is important stuff – recent customers have wanted to take decent pictures of their newborn babies, or their relatives on the other side of the world, or beautiful meaningful places – all things that mean a lot to them. These are the pictures you’d run into a burning house to rescue, and we want to help you to have more of them! (Not to make it harder to get out of a burning house, but you get the idea).

Sp many thanks for coming to courses and booking them for your friends and family. We know times are tight and it’s easy to economise on any kind of art. We will have more and better venues and more and better courses in 2010, and we’re really positive as we look forward to the new year of photography courses.

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