Ever thought about hiring lenses? Professionals hire lenses all the time – it’s what you do to see if really makes all the difference before buying (often, as here, it doesn’t), or if you’ve got that once in a lifetime photographic opportunity where you’re never going to need it again.  It may change your way of working, make you think about harnesses or different camera straps, etc.   It would be worth knowing all this before you submit to the lens-based FOMO!

A few months ago we were sent some discount coupons (25%, worth having) from the good people at Lenshire.co.uk which we passed on to our customers first-come-first-served. Andrew has been on a few courses, as well as having some one-to-one tuition and being on the Photography Mentoring Service for a while, so he knows his stuff, as you can see from the pictures.

Here’s his take on renting lenses – the whole business may have saved him a few quid as he decided not to buy such a monster lens after all:


I have got back from my photographic expedition with the Nikon 200-500mm F5.6 lens hired from Lensesforhire. I ended up doing RIAT at Fairford, the Red Kites at Gigrin Farm and the Mach Loop so I think that I gave the thing a pretty fair trial. It was a great learning exercise. Lessons included:

Bigger is not always better
Long lenses are very heavy and difficult to pan.
All day with a 2.5Kg lens is too much (plus a second camera plus all the other gear!).

I don’t think that I will be buying a lens like this so I have probably saved quite a bit so well worthwhile trying before buying.

However I was well pleased with the results. A few attached (from the 1500+ I took!).

Best wishes,