Spending on photography teaching is a good investment. It makes no sense to spend hundreds of pounds on equipment and not know how to use it.  There is lots of photography training out there to choose from, and some are even taught by famous photographers – so why choose us?

photography course teaching

Rachel and Phil in the Daily Mail with the world’s first mobile phone photography course, 2009

Being good at something doesn’t make you a good teacher and many good photographers simply cannot deliver photography teaching properly. Many photographers (and we know a lot) are not good communicators. In addition, unlike certain other photography teaching we won’t take advantage of you to sell you camera equipment you might not need, although we might have some suggestions of equipment you might want to think about to get the effect you’re looking for.

Photography Made Simple was started by full-time experienced professional photographers and photography teachers. We’ve been doing this for years, and we have a reputation within the world of teaching as being inspirational, lively and humourous teachers. Our courses have been enjoyed by thousands of people over the years, including for the Probation Service, various city banks and the British Army. We’ve even ended up in the Daily Mail. When we’re not actually doing photography teaching, we’re writing about photography, doing on-line mentoring, or writing curriculum.

We are particularly keen to provide photography training for beginners and have an abiding belief that everyone has creativity within them… even the unconvinced will leave amazed at what they have achieved in a few short hours!

Over the years we have provided photography teaching for well over 5,000 people. You can see some of their testimonials here.  We are constantly changing our curriculum for new cameras, new styles of photography and new technologies.  This makes our photography teaching both good fun and a good investment.