DSLR Photography Classes

Our DSLR photography classes are intended to get you off the automatic settings, and on to the manual and semi-automatic side of your camera where you have much more control of your images.   For these photography classes we divide all pictures into portraits (where you want to show one subject) and landscapes (where you […]

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creative photography courses

Creative Photography Courses

Our Creative Photography Courses have been designed to open your eyes to the creative possibilities of your camera, by taking some of the basic photography rules and gently bending them! With a mixture of classroom lecturing and practical shoots, we encourage you to shoot with an agenda which clarifies what you are trying to achieve […]

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landscape photography courses

Landscape Photography Courses

Our landscape photography courses show you that a photographer chooses to frame a part of the landscape to commit to file (or film!). Which part should you choose? Our Landscape Photography Courses are intended to help you to look at landscape photographs differently, and then put what you have learned into practice. We look at […]

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Atmosphere and B&W Day Course

For photography lessons Bristol Arnos Vale Victorian Cemetery gives us some fantastic gothic architecture set in a haven for wildlife, and all about a mile from Temple Meads Station. This course is all about capturing the atmosphere and spirit of the place. It is a great location for muted tones, sepia and monochrome. The course […]

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photography course Bristol

Half-day One-to-One Photography Course Bristol or Malvern

For our new Half-day one to one photography course Bristol is perfect for providing individual photography training at a spectacularly reasonable price! We can even do gift certificates for one to one tuition. These photography course Bristol are the same price as a regular course but with indvidual specific attention on you, your camera and your photography […]

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portrait photography courses

Families and Children Portrait Photography Courses

Our Families and Children Portrait Photography Courses are intended to help you to achieve better results when photographing people and families. We help you to capture your subject with their personality and individuality intact. Never work with children or animals, many long-suffering parents have to work with both at the same time. We’ll look at informal […]

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dog photography course

Dog Photography Course

Dogs are hard to photograph, and our dog photography course can help. Getting good pictures is tricky.  Bring your dog to Ashton Court and we’ll give you a hand to get it right. We’ll take shots of the dogs stationary and moving, whole body and close up. It’s a fun half-day with a maximum of […]

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flower photography course

Flower Photography Course

Flowers are hard to photograph. They are pretty much the only thing you photograph that is actually designed to reflect light, this makes them tricky for photography for beginners, although they are really popular subjects. Come to Ashton Court for our flower photography course and we’ll give you a hand to get it right. We […]

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wedding photography training

Wedding Photography Training

Our wedding photography training can help you to a lucrative if competitive career. The wedding photography courses show you that photographing a wedding is about capturing a series of planned events, while being on the lookout for unplanned ones.book now It’s also about taking superb photos while not ruining the occasion. We have the use of some […]

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professional photography courses

One to One professional photography courses

Our One to One professional photography courses are where one of our experienced teachers come to you to provide individual photography tuition for the day. It’s not always convenient to come to a stately home or a park to improve your photography. Sometimes you want to photograph in a place you know well, have a […]

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