Our Creative Photography Courses have been designed to open your eyes to the creative possibilities of your camera, by taking some of the basic photography rules and gently bending them! With a mixture of classroom lecturing and practical shoots, we encourage you to shoot with an agenda which clarifies what you are trying to achieve with your picture. We promise (and we’ve been right so far) that you will take a picture on our creative course that you are proud to hang on your wall.

Working on both single-subject and vista pictures, we manipulate shutter speed, aperture and ISO to achieve the results you previously visualised. We’ll also show you a couple of camera tricks you may not have thought of. It’s easy to get a bit stale and repetitive with your photography after a few years, and this course is designed to give your pictures the creative spark they might be lacking. Even quite experienced photographers have found this course useful, as it makes you consider your pictures in a different way. Some people have done this course several times!

You should do our creative photography courses if you know how to use your camera, but would like to take more interesting-looking shots.

The creative photography courses are most suitable for cameras with P A S and M (or P, Av, Tv and M if it’s a Canon) modes. If your camera only has scene modes, this can still be a useful course – you will learn how to use the most appropriate modes and simple composition. Basic DSLR cameras are available to borrow if needed.

If you are not familiar with your camera, you may find our DSLR Photography Course more useful. This course assumes less prior knowledge than the landscape or portrait photography courses. If you have any questions about which course you should do, please call us.