Our DSLR photography classes are intended to get you off the automatic settings, and on to the manual and semi-automatic side of your camera where you have much more control of your images.  

For these photography classes we divide all pictures into portraits (where you want to show one subject) and landscapes (where you want to show a view), and take photos of both kinds which we review. The idea is to understand the techniques to blur the background or put everything in focus, and also some ideas of composition for both types of picture. We also look at some technical features of the camera which can make a big difference to your pictures like changing ISO, exposure compensation, white balance and metering for different kinds of shot.

You should do these photography classes if you feel that you never use your camera properly, and that by staying on the auto modes you can’t get the pictures you want. Lots of people can’t!

If you have a camera with P A S and M (or P, Av Tv and M if it’s a Canon) we can show you how to use these. If your camera only has scene modes, this can still be a useful course – you will learn how to use the most appropriate modes and about composition. Basic DSLR cameras are available to borrow if needed.

If you are already very familiar with your camera, there may be more appropriate photography classes such as our Creative Photography Classes, Landscape Photography Classes or Portrait Photography Classes more useful. These assume a certain level of camera knowledge, so are less suitable for beginners.

We can also run these photography classes at your location as a One-to-One Photography Training Course.

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