Our landscape photography courses show you that a photographer chooses to frame a part of the landscape to commit to file (or film!). Which part should you choose?

Our Landscape Photography Courses are intended to help you to look at landscape photographs differently, and then put what you have learned into practice. We look at both vista and abstract landscape pictures, and the ways in which they can be made more considered and interesting. What is it that makes some landscape pictures involving and intriguing, and others just dull? How can you draw the viewer into your world?  We’ll show you on our landscape photography courses.

You should do this course if you feel that you’d like to get better landscapes, but aren’t sure how to achieve the look that you can visualise.

Ideally you’ll have a DSLR with a wide-angle lens, but if your camera only has scene modes, this can still be a useful course – you will learn how to use the most appropriate modes and about composition.

If you are not familiar with your camera, you may find our DSLR Photography Course more useful as it assumes less prior knowledge than our Creative Photography Course, Landscape Photography Course or Portrait Photography Courses.

Suitable for anyone with any camera – even tiny cameras can take great landscapes! Compact cameras and even phones can often take excellent landscapes – their limitations are much less noticeable. Users of DSLRs should bring a tripod, or one can be provided. Please be dressed for the weather for this course, as we try to be outside for a good part of the day even if the weather is not ideal! If you are unsure of the best kind of landscape for you please contact us.

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