Personal photography tuition can give you an edge.  Photography ‘A’ Level and GCSE are increasingly popular, and often teachers struggle with a subject that is both artistic and technical (we know – we’ve taught loads of them). We can help with both aspects, as qualified, experienced photography teachers and science communicators.

We have taught photography at several state and independent schools (including the prestigious Malvern College), from Y7 and Y8 enrichment activities to GCSE to ‘A’ level and even helping degree students with their portfolios.

We can teach you what you need to know at your location or here in Bristol, or even provide on-line tuition personally or through the Photography Mentoring Service.  Locally, we charge £25/hour.

We can help with the practicalities of producing excellent workbooks, helpful handouts, suggested photographers for research, how to link their work with other endorsements and so on.

We can suggest ways to present exam pieces and come up with a ‘wish’ list of gear to get Photography ‘A’ Level off the ground, with approximate costs.

As the personal photography tuition needed will likely will vary from student to student, please email us or phone us on 0800 043 2302 to discuss your particular requirements. We’re very flexible – it’s about helping you to achieve the results you need.

We can come to you for a day, with prices based on distance from Bristol.  We can also work on an hourly basis in Bristol (£20/hour).  Please use this form to contact us with your requirements, including possible dates and we’ll produce a quote for you: