Our Families and Children Portrait Photography Courses are intended to help you to achieve better results when photographing people and families. We help you to capture your subject with their personality and individuality intact. Never work with children or animals, many long-suffering parents have to work with both at the same time.

We’ll look at informal and formal portraits, and how to get the best results in working with children and animals. How do you take formal pictures that aren’t stale, or corporate pictures that aren’t boring? We’ll show you. We have lots of a photography tips and advice to help you in these situations.

You should take this photography course if you feel that your pictures of people don’t look like they should.

Ideally you’ll have a DSLR with a fast low f-stop lens and a separate flashgun but if your camera only has a portrait mode, this can still be a useful course – you will learn how to use the most appropriate modes and about composition. Compact cameras often struggle with portraits – they’re small sensors and restricted apertures mean that they can often fail to blur the background sufficiently resulting in confusing pictures. However, even these can get good results with care.

If you are not familiar with your camera, you may find our DSLR Photography Course more useful as this assumes less prior knowledge than these portrait photography courses.

All families are different, and have different requirements, so we run this as a bespoke course.  Please use this form to contact us with your requirements: