Photography Mentoring Program pictures for July 2018 – theme was Heatwave

August 5, 2018

My favourite this month was one of Rob’s dramatic use of lego shots.  How much drama can you get from plastic?? I think Dave keeps this one just the right side of over-dramatic. Loads of drama from a fan? Fantastic…

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Photography Mentoring Program pictures from May – the theme was attraction.

June 1, 2018

  Geof was ambitious this month, trying to catch a paperclip in flight!  I think he does a grand job of the shutter speed, but I think the aperture is too large (f number too small) and the depth of…

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Photography Mentoring Program pictures from December – the theme was “Festive.”

January 3, 2018

Well, fair enough, Christmas is a time of jolly cliches, and with this theme what can you do?   So among the Christmas trees, wrapped presents, snow and general Hallmark card stuff, I’ve chosen three particularly good shots that I…

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Photography Mentoring Program Pictures from November – the theme was “Into the Dark”

December 6, 2017

A good mix of images this month, with light trails, tunnels and caves and some conventional landscapes.  See what you think!   extra bonus for anyone who can identify this oven!! < img class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-2359" src="" alt="photography mentoring program" width="1024"…

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First photography course at Warwick Castle

November 20, 2017

Malcolm came to our first photography course Warwick Castle.  He has been on a course with us before: Many thanks for Fridays session at Warwick Castle, I thoroughly enjoyed it. We couldn’t have hoped for better weather and it was…

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September 2017 Photography Mentoring Program gallery – the theme was Freezing

October 13, 2017

This month we had some great stuff, from a shutter speed and temperature point of view. All DLSRs can achieve shutter speeds of 1/4000th or even more, which can stop droplets etc. (Have to say though, if you really like…

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August 2017 Photography Mentoring Program gallery – the theme was Green

September 13, 2017

A restful series of pictures here for August.  Green is difficult for our cameras, as green things tend to be bit not reflective and therefore overexpose.  Also, the super greenery of British foliage can sometimes fool the camera’s white balance…

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Possibly the best testimonial we’ve ever had!

August 14, 2017

“I was a little apprehensive about attending the course as you never know what it will be like and what you can get out of it. I must say it was brilliant. You made it simple to understand and showed…

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July 2017 Photography Mentoring Service pictures – the theme was Delicate

August 2, 2017

Not surprisingly, lots of flowers and cobwebs this month, but also the astonishing steelwork from Sheffield, insects, trees and even seafood! Picture of the month goes to Dave, who took this flower picture using flash.  This gives great definition and droplets,…

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Hiring Lenses

July 26, 2017

Ever thought about hiring lenses? Professionals hire lenses all the time – it’s what you do to see if really makes all the difference before buying (often, as here, it doesn’t), or if you’ve got that once in a lifetime…

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