We have been teaching photography courses in Bristol since 2009. We have chosen a range of venues to try to capture the variety of this exciting city.

Come to lovely Ashton Court, atmospheric Arnos Vale Cemetery, or busy Bristol Docks. We have taught one-to-one photography classes at the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol Zoo, and at various customers homes in the city. We know our way around Bristol.

Our photography courses at Ashton Court gives us the opportunity to explore 840 acres of meadows and woods. Photography Made Simple was based in a cottage on the estate for two years, and we know the area very well. Ashton Court has a great range of subjects from delicate roses to giant redwood trees, a mansion and herds of deer.  This makes Ashton Court a great venue for landscape photography and wildlife photography.  We have taught dog photography as well as family photography in the same photogenic grounds often used by professional family photographers.

Our photography courses at Arnos Vale Cemetery enables photographers to explore Bristol’s diverse and complex history through the graves and stories of those buried here.  Acting as both a city park and a memorial,  this is a creative and inspiring place in which to photograph. Hidden away in the undergrowth are the graves of war heroes, drowned teenagers, nuns, Indian gurus, Victorian entrepreneurs.   Our favourite graves say “Lost in the jungles of Ceylon” and “Called to God while motorcycling.”  There are stories to be found here and complex Victorian codes to be unpicked in the gravestones.

Bristol is the area that we know best, and we have taught students here aged from 8 to 86. We teach enrichment photography activities in one of the local comprehensive schools, as well as a local Pupil Referral Unit.  We have taught students with physical disabilities and learning difficulties.  We have advised local photographers on their equipment, business plans and marketing.