Our Cardiff photography course is in Bute Park, a Grade 1 registered historic park on the banks of the river Taff. It is the principal park of the city. It is 130 acres of landscaped gardens and parkland that once formed the grounds of Cardiff Castle. The park is named after the 3rd Marquess of Bute, whose family lived in the castle. Of all the parks we visit, it is probably the best maintained.  There are formal flowerbeds and over 2,000 trees (look at the massive list of tree specimens here). It’s a super place for photography, a quiet oasis in the middle of a great city.  There is an interactive map here –  there are lovely open-air cafes as well as a great cafe in the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

For our photography courses, there is a great range of floral subjects for flower photography and macro photography. There is a range of wildlife photography opportunities at the river. We always tailor our photography lessons to the audience, and we are able to undertake architectural photography at Cardiff Castle.   It is a good location for dog photography.  The variety of subjects makes it a good place for photography for beginners,  and improving photography techniques for various different types of photography.

We always teach small groups at Bute Park, which means that we can tailor our Cardiff photography courseto the style and interests of the audience.   In the past this has involved working to show the intricate symmetry of the Victorian planting of the herbaceous borders, trying to bring out the age of the trees, picking out the sculptures on Cardiff’s famous Animal Wall, and improving macro photography techniques on the insect life along the banks of the Taff.

The park is also a good place to practice cycling photography, as is is popular as a commuter cycling route  and National Cycle Route 8 runs through it. This type of photography is all about capturing the movement and maintaining the clarity of the subject. We have a variety of photography tips and photography techniques for sports photography and motorsport photography, and this can be a good place to practice.

For botanical photography, the challenge can be to ensure that the colours and shapes of the flower or accurately represented. Britain in general and Wales in particular can be very green, and the cameras often downplay this in auto white balance, as they are calibrated for American conditions, and believe the extra greenery to be fluorescent lighting. We have a range of photography techniques for dealing with this, so that  your pictures convey the uniqueness of a bloom or planting scheme, and help the audience to imagine that they are looking at a flower rather than a picture of a flower. We encourage thoughtful photography so that your picture can deliver the uniqueness – is that flower complex, symmetrical, spherical? How do we bring that out to advantage, so that the audience understands our point of view. Even a flower picture has its own unique perspective, and our photography courses can help you bring this out.

Thanks to Bute Park for allowing us to hold photography courses at this amazing venue.

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