Henley give us great opportunities to photograph on the Thames. Besides the boats and wildlife, there is good scenery above and below the town.

Meeting at Henley’s award-winning River and Rowing Museum, we are less than a hundred yards from the water. Wildlife glides along the river, and there are architectural subjects as well as aquatic ones. It’s a beautiful place to spend the day.

The wildlife and boat/architectural features make great portrait photography subjects, and there are plenty of opportunities to photograph movement and splashes. A little bread attracts duck and geese, and there are good flowers with insects along the river banks. There are usually rowers training on the river and the weir upstream from the River and Rowing Museum is good for playing with the shutter speed and changing droplets and streams of water. There are fields and wide open views above the weir give us the chance to look at landscape photography composition. There are lots of great buildings and architectural features along the way, and there are always great views along the river to the St. Mary’s Church and bridge. It’s great to have such a range of photographic subjects so close to a venue that has nice coffee and good food. On Summer weekends there is often a fun fair on the green, providing lots of motion photography opportunities. Our photography lessons at Henley on Thames start at the cafe entrance at 10am and finish at about 4:30pm.

Because Henley is in such an affluent area, we often have customers who have “all the gear and no idea” at this location. We can help!   By the end of the day,  we promise that you will be able to catch that bird in flight, or the droplets of water or the detail of that boat. Our mission is to help you develop the photography techniques to capture the photographs you want. While we specialise in photography for beginners,  we can help with more advanced  photography techniques, and a few ideas for composition that can help you record the image or story or emotion that you are trying to capture.

One of the problems of Henley is to try and record fast movement, droplets in a way that also keeps the background in focus – so we have a rower at Henley.  This can be tricky, but we have the photography tips and techniques to help you to capture this, to give a specific narrative to your pictures.

Henley is also very good location for people watching, and there are opportunities for street photography, as well as a constant parade of pampered pedigree pooches providing good dog photography teaching opportunities.

As you can see from our reviews,   Henley is a good location for photography for beginners,  as well as for learning more advanced photography techniques.  Thanks to the River and Rowing Museum for letting us run photography courses Oxfordshire at Henley-on-Thames.

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