You wouldn’t expect a great location for photography courses in Enfield but  Forty Hall & Estate is one of England’s finest historic houses, built around 1630, set in its own Estate, with walled garden, formal and informal gardens, lakes, lawns, and meadows. The Estate parkland contains the rare archaeological remains of Elsyng Palace, a tudor hunting lodge used by Henry VIII and where Elizabeth I was told of the death of her father.

There are interesting opportunities for architectural photography tuition as well as wildlife photography lessons with the wildfowl. The Hall & Estate and the surrounding area of Forty Hill are a Conservation area, and we’ve seen Crested Grebes and Cormorants!  Portrait photography opportunities are enlivened by the fantastic and varied backdrops, and landscape photography opportunities are in all directions. This variety gives us great opportunities for photography for beginners, as well as chances to give photography tips for all kinds of pictures.

One of the issues at Forty Hall is that the building is made of brick and very, well, red.  This usually requires adjustment of the white balance on cameras, and sometimes even adjustment of the specific settings – making cloudy white balance more cloudy for example. This is not something that most photographers, even experienced photographers often think of and there is the tendency to just photograph in auto white balance, and sort out the true colours later in Lightroom or Photoshop.   There are two problems with this approach – firstly, when you get round to editing your photographs you need to remember what colour everything was, and we’re not very good at remembering colour. Secondly, you have to edit the colour on every photograph, as they are almost always disappointing and varied. So we believe in getting the colours as true as possible on location,  which means you know that the colours are right and you’re not storing a ridiculous amount of work to do when you get home. After all, he was to spend more time editing?

In giving travel photography tuition,  we often find that photography students are disappointed by the colours in their images. If you are trying to photograph the Grand Canyon, for example, you’ll find that it’s a bit orange, and your camera may try and correct this assuming that it is orange lighting. By the time you get home you’re not going to remember the precise shade, so your photograph ends up being a memory of the image, rather than a true image. Also, you want to record what the location looked and felt like to you to show to others, and if you’re pretty confident that the camera got the colours right on location you’ll be that much more confident in your work. The technically perfect white balance may not represent what you see.

All our photography lessons, photography tips and workshops are about enabling you to take the image that you saw at the time, and Forty Hall is  great location to do this.


Your course price includes entry to Forty Hall. There is a great cafe.

Thanks to Forty Hall for allowing us to hold photography courses at this amazing venue.

Creative Photography - Forty Hall

Price: £120.00

Date: September 27, 2019

Available Spaces: 12

DSLR Photography - Forty Hall

Price: £120.00

Date: October 25, 2019

Available Spaces: 12