Warwick Castle has an illustrious history, and is now one of the best-loved tourist destinations in the country.  It has remarkable photographic subjects, buildings, landscape, re-enactors in period costume and all manner of historical sights.  There are few places that give such a lovely range of subject matter.  In fact, the problem at Warwick is maintaining a certain amount of photographic discipline!

We will explore the castle and grounds,  finding the most dramatic and interesting shots and combining them to tell the story of how it feels to stand in the footsteps of the Normans.

Warwick Castle is an active tourist destination rather than a cold ruin, and there is an awful lot to see here whether you like old buildings or not!  Genteel decline is not much in evidence here.  It is far removed from the English Heritage/National Trust approach to heritage, and we’ve included it in our list of venues for this reason.  After all, most of it is 14th Century, Caesar’s Tower from around 1350.  It’s the real thing, captured by Simon de Montfort, holding an imprisoned Piers Gaveston, and a popular tourist destination for Queen Victoria.

Your course fee includes access to the Castle, the grounds, attractions and shows (check their website for details or give drop us a line to see what’s on).