Malvern is a great location for all kinds of photography. 

We start at the Mount Pleasant Hotel in Great Malvern, which is a great base for refreshments (other family members are welcome to join us). For landscapes we go up onto the Malvern Hills, a short drive away. We can even go on to the huge Iron Age hill fort at British camp for landscape photography.

We have taught photography courses on the Malvern Hills since 2009, when we were tutors at Worcester College of Technology and also when we taught A level photography at Malvern College.

You can’t get a more iconic English landscape than the Malvern Hills, and it’s a great place to sharpen your landscape photography.  Come and photograph the landscape that inspired Elgar’s music and Roget’s words. As always with this kind of photography, the picture is partly about how the landscape makes you feel – how can you convince your audience that they should feel the same? We like the way the hills are crisscrossed with paths, running along the entire ridge which gives the Malvern Hills their unique landscape and access. On a good day to the East you can see Worcester Cathedral, Tewkesbury Abbey and Gloucester Cathedral. To the West you can see the Brecon Beacons and Sugarloaf moutain. It is a spectacular area for landscape photography and one that is easy to access. We have a number of photography tips and photography techniques that we can share that will help you to capture this unique scenery. The good scenery in close proximity makes it a great place to teach photography courses for beginners.

We are very flexible about how we teach at Malvern, so if the group wants to do church interior photography, or go up onto the ridge of the Malvern Hills, or just work in the gardens, there is plenty to see. People come from all over the country for our photography courses in Worcestershire. The variety of subjects ranges from wide vista landscapes to intimate portraits in the Winter Gardens to architectural interiors at Malvern Theatres. There is even the delightful interior of Malvern Priory and the highly rated ice cream at British Camp. We often teach one-to-one photography tuition here, which gives us even more flexibility about the choice of subjects. It’s also easy to reach from Bristol and Birmingham.  We can walk from the Mount Pleasant Hotel to the top of the Worcestershire Beacon, or we can take a leisurely stroll around the Victorian Winter Gardens, if people are feeling less energetic. We can even drive to the Wyche Cutting,  and take a short walk up to the ridge to see stunning views across Worcestershire and Herefordshire. There are great cafes and pubs on the hills, where we usually take lunch.

This is the most strenuous of our photography courses, but the beautiful landscape photography opportunities make it worth it, and we can take our time to soak in the magic of this special place.

Landscape DSLR Photography on the Malvern Hills

Price: £120.00

Date: May 4, 2019

Available Spaces: 7