The Severn Valley Railway runs in some of the most picturesque scenery in England.

We meet at the new Engine House in Highley near Bridgnorth, which is amodern train museum. This gives us the chance to photograph steam trains indoors.  Before we make our way to picturesque Arley station, either by walking along the banks of the Severn river, or by train.   This gives us plenty of opportunity to sharpen our landscape photography, as well as photographing the steam trains as they pass.

Your course price includes admission to the Engine House, your return train ticket to Hampton Loade or Arley. There is a cafe with great views in the Engine House, and a great pub at Arley. For more station details and timetables see We meet at the Engine House when it opens at 10:45am and finish there at 5pm.

Severn Valley Railway has been one of our venues from 2009. The line has been used in countless TV and films – most recently in “The Chronicles of Narnia” and previously Robert Powell dangled from a bridge in “The 39 Steps.”  The line runs through 16 miles of beautiful countryside between Kidderminster, past Bewdley to Bridgnorth. The photographic opportunities are tremendous – everything from the river valley wildlife photography to the period station details, and of course the trains and carriages themselves. The Engine House houses up to eight locomotives and the royal carriage as used by King George VI, among other railway memorabilia. Even if you don’t like trains it’s a lovely way to spend the day – the landscape moves all by itself! It’s a fun place to take sepia olde-worlde shots, or capture the movement of the trains, or concentrate on working in the tricky interior light of a museum.  We have taught over 200 people, including many “train widows”  who are more interested in the landscape photography and flower photography at the stations than the trains themselves. This is not a problem as there are great opportunities all along the line even for photography for beginners.

Photographing steam trains has its own problems, as they are very dark objects which can cause problems with exposure, and often very colourful objects which can cause problems with white balance. When coupled with the need to photograph instantly as the train passes, and to capture the movement and flow of the steam, it’s not an easy subject and you may need to concentrate on your photography techniques. We can help with some photography tips, whether you’re interested in portrait photography of features on the line, one landscape photography of the Severn Valley in general.

On occasion the Severn Valley Railway runs re-enactment weekends, these can be particularly good opportunities to sharpen your techniques in portrait photography, as subjects in period clothes usually have no problem with being photographed.

We have had numerous testimonials for photography courses on the Severn Valley, including from Simon who has since been published on the BBC websites and was a finalist in a National Geographic photography competition.

Thanks to the SVR staff for allowing us to run our photography courses on the Severn Valley Railway.

DSLR Photography on the Severn Valley Railway

Price: £120.00

Date: October 20, 2019

Available Spaces: 12