In the past we haven’t had many bookings for photography classes in the North East, which is a shame as there is obviously a lot to photograph and one of our very best tutors lives there. In scorching weather Sue and Matt got out along the river to record views up and down the river Wear and to get to grips with their cameras.

As usual, for the DSLR course we are looking at portraits and landscapes, and mastering the letter modes (P A S and M or P Av, Tv and M) rather than the auto modes to get the pictures that you actually want rather than the ones the camera feels obliged to give you. Emily’s years of experience as a wedding photographer really show though in her photography classes, as well as her thoughtful and empathic approach. She’s also a good laugh.

There is no substitute for getting outside with an experienced photographer, rather than looking at endless YouTube videos from people who aren’t familiar with the type of pictures you want or your camera. Also, a great many of the YouTube experts are based in very different lighting conditions, where Emily has been working in the soft North East light for a very long time.

At Photography Made Simple we are committed to helping you to take the best pictures with the camera you already have, rather than impressing you with our own skills or equipment. The tutors we use are entertaining and patient photographers, who can help people from any background – from very basic beginners to advanced shooters – we’re all still learning. After all – we all have areas of photography that are rusty no matter how experienced we are. One of the great joys of teaching small groups is that the tutor can zero in on an area of photography that a customer is particularly keen on – even on a landscape course a superb macro image might present itself!