We have more than twenty venues all over the country, and visit all our venues to teach our digital photography courses about once a month when they are open.

Click on a location below for more information and to see the digital photography courses that are scheduled at that venue. Our course calendar which shows all our photography courses by month, is shown below.

We have several reasons for choosing locations for our digital photography courses.  Some are just staggering beautiful, others really inspiring or just convenient.  Originally we wanted good scenery, a comfortable space to teach, friendly staff and good sandwiches, and not necessarily in that order.  If you are not sure which of our photography course locations is best for you sdrop us a line and we can talk about it.  We may even be able to come to you as part of our one to one service. You may even have a favourite location that we should be teaching at – if so please let us know, that’s how we found the Camera Museum and Cafe. We are also teaching more courses here in Bristol, with it’s great variety of venues in a small area.

We are striving to improve our photography course locations, and we have new ones all the time.  We rarely cancel courses due to bad weather, low numbers – we are a hardy bunch and we get out there regardless.  Some of the best photos are taken in poor weather.