As this is a personal, one-to-one service, photography advice will vary for each picture reviewed, but Phil was kind enough to be a guinea pig so we could give some photography mentoring examples of the sort of feedback that you’re likely to receive.


An interesting interpretation of the theme. It’s a shame the bee is facing away from the camera, a view of its head would give the picture more impact. The flower head is quite central in the frame, moving it to the left would add some dynamism and make the picture less static. Good use of aperture and the limited depth of field has meant that the background is nicely out of focus and the subject stands out. Getting closer to the flower head at the taking stage, or cropping the picture on the computer afterwards would make the bee and flower much more dominant in the frame and also remove the slightly distracting leaf at the bottom of the flower stem.



Although the subject of the theme is quite a small part of the picture, the surrounding context is equally as important in this image. The sweep of the train around the track gives us more of a view of the train that wouldn’t be possible if it were on a straight, and this adds to the dynamism of the picture. Exposure is spot on and the reflection of the platform in the paint of the carriage works well. The dark area to the right is a big distraction however, a longer lens choice would have eliminated this, or it could be cropped on the computer with image editing software.


“Up in the Air”

Although this is type of picture is quite common this example is a strong graphic image. The dense foliage helps to focus the attention and draws the eye into the centre of the image where the main tree trunk ends. The image is quite dark and contrasty, some more light on the main tree trunk would bring out more detail and texture within in. The white cloud on the other hand is quite bright. Perhaps waiting for a few minutes to get more of a blue sky would have helped.


“On display"

These pansies add colour and vibrance as a stark contrast to the drab stonework of the building. The flowers could have been used to greater affect by making them bigger in the frame and placing them so that the building was directly behind them.This could have been achieved by using a longer focal length lens and taking a lower viewpoint, perhaps looking up at the flowers from further away. Using a telephoto lens would also eliminate the sky which is very bright, and quite distracting at present. Exposure overall is quite bright, toning the whole picture down by half a stop or so would help this.These are just photography mentoring examples – the level of advice you receive is individual.