Photography tips for beginners is something we’re always asked for on our courses, and the same subjects come up quite often. These range from “why can’t I get a decent picture of…” to “what bit of kit should I buy next?” So, we’re putting together some of the more common questions with some common sense advice that we hope you find helpful. Perhaps you’re looking for photography tips for beginners, perhaps you have a specific problem with your equipment, or problems with photographic composition. You could also consider some one to one photography training, or join our photography mentoring service.

This is an ongoing work in progress and we will update over the coming months. If you have any issues which you think we can help with get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. We’ve seen thousands of people and hundreds different cameras, so we probably can. Remember that our comments are UK based, so we are talking generally about UK conditions unless we say otherwise. It’s a lot sunnier in America, and a lot of photography tips that people find on the web don’t work here. Our photography tips aren’t just for the UK, any miserable rainy country will do.  Also, there is a tendency for bloggers to pretend that they have an infinite photography budget, which we don’t all have!

You might also want to have a look at the photography Photography Tips and Techniques category on our blog. Some less formal, but nonetheless useful snippets of information can be found on there.