“I was a little apprehensive about attending the course as you never know what it will be like and what you can get out of it.
I must say it was brilliant. You made it simple to understand and showed me exactly where I was going wrong. I had a lot of faults I did not know about and would never have corrected them without your help. I probably would have kept being unaware and would have eventually given up.
I now have a new enthusiasm for photography now I know how to set up my camera and can get acceptable results. I now need to practice and improve.
I thought the group and nice little group that helped me learn. It was presented in a great manner and I had one of the best days.
Thank you once again. I will recommend this to others.
It is extremely gratifying to get unsolicited testimonials like this – it makes it all worthwhile, and shows that we can teach photography for beginners and help a varied group of strangers learn photography in all weathers and all conditions.  Our photography lessons  and photography training can improve your pictures in a day.